2012-03-22 18:00:04 by Spakwee

been making music. been drawing. tommy/me making music. tommy/me been making comics. #leggo


2010-11-10 21:43:13 by Spakwee

Haven't made a new news post in a while...but ima liking the things here at newgrounds. Yup. MMMMHMMMM. I'll prolly upload some songs sometime too.

Yay! New account!

2010-03-13 10:40:28 by Spakwee

Got a new account for youtube, and this one's gonna be for my vlogging crap and stuff.
My new youtube


2010-03-10 19:45:16 by Spakwee

So, here, I gots a newgrounds account!!! Isn't that cool!!?!?!? So instead of just using youtube, I can now put art, music and crap on here! YEAH!!!(My Blog)
(My youtube channel)